Yoshie Furukawa

I´m not walking on the shore, or wandering through the park, having the view of such splendid
horizon in a landscape, or some birds singing the life. But I can hear some voices, like tender ones, coming and going, and leaving their own message, or thoughts about that special stay there.

Now I can see the waves, .... Oh, My,... it´s so beautiful... It doesn´t matter, if it´s during the night, with sunrise, or sunset. I can even feel the smell, the colors in each space of time, people smiling, getting suntanned along the days in happiness.

And the wind..... so magical, amazing, serene, lifting me up to the clouds, as if I could touch them to bring back what I wish I could do right now, and make it real.

However, I don´t care now if it´s real or not.
There are some moments in our lives, when you have so much love filling your heart that it makes no difference about the meaning, you just have to live it, and feel it and long for another day, or the song, the melody. And then you might hear them by looking at a portrait of such moment, so simple, but so eternal, just because you had a great time.

All my love,